Registration: BE11 EEK
Price: £ 3,500.00
DoT Transfer Fee: £ 80.00
Total: £ 3,580.00
This registration can only be assigned to a vehicle which was registered as new on or after 1st March 2011

Transfer to Vehicle

Should you want the registration on your vehicle we can firstly try to complete online with the DVLA for you. Note the vehicle must be in your name as the DVLA issue the new documentation to the registered keepers address. This can be applied the same working day 7am-7pm in most instances (vehicle dependent)

All we need are these details from the front page of your logbook / v5

  • Current Registration

  • Document Reference Number

  • Post Code

Upon successful completion, you will get a confirmation email from the DVLA along with a PDF that would allow you to get the physical plates printed at a local motor factor. As this stage, you can apply the plates and notify your insurance company. Please note physical printed plates are not included in this sale but can be supplied via contacting

Online applications do work in the majority of instances but can on occasion that it does not it can then be completed via postal application


We can arrange either certificate of entitlement or for this to be held for you to assign at a later date. Your first application to any vehicle will be included in the total price. If a certificate is posted to you this must be assigned within 2 years of receipt

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